The History 


Barabagh Deogarh originally, a JANANA SHIKAAR BARI (hunting lodge for ladies), is more than 200 year old bagh . It has a Chaar  Mukhi Shivling rendering it a divine characteristic. We, at Barabagh aim to provide an environment that gives a break from the chaotic city life and helps one rejuvenate in the fresh air amidst bird watching, morning walk, train ride and lake side visit. Barabagh comprises three suites carefully crafted to serve your needs, a combination of heritage edifice and modern comforts. Bird watching enthusiasts are often intrigued at the sights of Green Pigeon, Peacocks, Indian Roller, Owls, Parrots, Kingfisher and Babbler.

A remarkable sojourn reverberating with age-old culture and tradition where we personally escort and host your journey into Incredible majestic Rajputana. There is much more to be discovered here at Barabagh!



Deluxe Room & Super Deluxe Room

Each cosy room is colourful, traditional and unique. Spacious and luxurious, these rooms are intended for comfort and relaxation with our personalized services.

Barabagh Deogarh Experiences


Rural Rail Train Ride

There is something about the sound of a train that's very Romantic , Nostalgic and Hopeful. Look beyond your desktop, close your laptops , Glance around and think : When was the last time you took a vacation?



A world so silent that you can hear your own heart beats. We can arrange village tour which includes a couple of different communities where one can meet local people as they go about their daily lives.

At the Barabagh

Barabagh Deogarh, a destination for relaxation and rejuvenation, besides being in touch with the city gives you a feeling of being away from the crowd


Massage or Maalish

Massage is not just a luxury. It's a way to a healthier, happier life. Stress, headache, anxiety, pain, depression, muscle, aches, let it all go with Maalish. Oils can be incorporated into an Indian Massage to soften the skin and deeply condition the hair.


Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate. One cannot think well , love well , sleep well , if one has not dined well. Dinner is often a very celebratory environment , a very safe place , a time to reflect and let the day go and enjoy good food and good wine. A great dinner can change your day around.



A walk in nature walks the soul back home. The beauty about hiking is that it's truly an activity for everyone. Walk on the old trails passing through the Aravalli mountain ranges which are the oldest in the world. Aravalli which means "line of peaks" or a "row of awl shaped hills". These Aravalli hills are ideally suited for both trekking and rock climbing.


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